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Motorized surfboards 2022

The JW Board range of electric surfboards comes with improvements and innovations. At the end of spring, we expect a delivery of surfboards of the 2022 model line. The JW Board S30 and JW Board i16 models will come with perhaps not quite visible changes from the outside. The improvements are mainly in the form of a more stable controller. Furthermore, in the functionality and durability of the waterproof connector of the battery pack. The battery pack received new and safer...

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Summer 2021

We started the jetsurfing season relatively late due to the weather, but all the more intense. We had two new products from JETAWAKE in our hands, a sports JW Board S30 and a recreational model JW Board i16 with an inflatable float. Fulfilling expectations, as motorized jetsurfing enthusiasts, we set out to test and didn´t leave even a "thread dry" on both boards. Practically by the end of the season, which was the last week of September 2021, we did dozens...

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JW BOARDs S30 and i16. To whom which model?

The 2nd generation of electric surfboards from the Korean manufacturer JETWAKE "landed" on the European market, also thanks to our company, under the JW BOARD brand. JW BOARD S30 is a leisure sports JET surf. The PE board´s hull can withstand rough handling, forgives scratches in white and, most importantly, doesn´t get upset hot in the summer sun. The surf has a thoughtful hydrodynamic design and, together with the center 9 " and two side fins, excellent maneuverability and sideways. It´s...

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MAGWheel is adrenaline rush

The one wheel surf MAGWheel is "inconspicuously conspicuous" self-balancing skateboard. Board riding evokes riding a surfboard or snowboard. As with other board sports, looking at an experienced surfer, boarding, riding, cutting curves and jumping off a board will seem easy. Yes, it will be, but first it takes training. The beginnings will be adrenaline, without protectors and helmet, really don't need to try it. Boarding and coming-out of board is good to have mastered before move far. Every next ride will...

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Launching it

I originally wanted to use the meaning of "we´re starting", but that wouldn't capture reality. We have been dealing with the topic of JET surfboards for more than five years, especially with electric JET surfboards. For me personally, it´s like a forbidden substance, which I completely fell for. In the beginning, not so much because of the driving experience, but rather by the fascination with this technique and with a passion for sea, water and sailing. This "voyage" brought us experience of what...

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