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MAGWheel is adrenaline rush

MAGWheel is adrenaline rush

The one wheel surf MAGWheel is “inconspicuously conspicuous” self-balancing skateboard. Board riding evokes riding a surfboard or snowboard. As with other board sports, looking at an experienced surfer, boarding, riding, cutting curves and jumping off a board will seem easy.

Yes, it will be, but first it takes training.

The beginnings will be adrenaline, without protectors and helmet, really don’t need to try it. Boarding and coming-out of board is good to have mastered before move far. Every next ride will be easier and MAGWheel will dutifully respond to every surfer movement. We talk about leisure sports, or even traveling to and from work. So if stops hurting muscles in the legs of the first rides, all further it will be really easy and can be moved further and further to the challenges and electrifying experience. For example, off-road driving.

And the adrenaline rush remains.