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Launching it

Launching it

I originally wanted to use the meaning of “we´re starting”, but that wouldn’t capture reality.
We have been dealing with the topic of JET surfboards for more than five years, especially with electric JET surfboards.
For me personally, it´s like a forbidden substance, which I completely fell for.
In the beginning, not so much because of the driving experience, but rather by the fascination with this technique and with a passion for sea, water and sailing.
This “voyage” brought us experience of what this technique should and shouldn´t have and which direction it should take.
As professionals in mechanics and electronics, we have gone through different concepts from different manufacturers.
All this has been and is supported by our own model solutions for a full understanding of the issue and the necessary functionality.

With this profile, we´re launching the second model line on the Slovak and European markets since March 2021, as an authorized distributor of electric JET boards by the Korean company JETWAKE. The modular concept of this brand corresponds best ideas about functionality at a buyable price.

For “addicts”, if you can’t go to the water, we bring wheel boards MAGWheel from a Chinese manufacturer TROTTER and thus surfing 365 days a year.

Jozef Slivko, founder/CEO